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Xiangshawan (Whistling Dune Bay)

Xiangshawan is located in the east of the Kubuqi Desert in Dalad Banner, Ordos. It’s among the three best-known “singing-sand” destinations in China and the top ten tourist attractions in the region. Xiangshawan has a sea of sand that is 110m high and 400m wide. When “surfing” down a sand dune, one will hear the rumbling of sand. It may sound like the croaks of frogs, the roar of cars or planes, a sudden clap of thunder or even a passionate symphony. The sand sings in a neat and interesting way.

Now, the Xiangshawan Tourist Area offers a variety of desert entertainment facilities such as a desert cableway, sand-surfing boards, desert karts, desert motorcycles, desert surfing cars and desert paragliders, as well as other forms of entertainment such as horse and camel riding. In the vast desert, tourists can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, appreciate sand sculptures, go on an exciting adventure, light a bonfire, practice shooting and archery or even parachute. In addition, they can watch wonderful performances like the grand singing and dancing show “The Ordos Wedding” with the unique Ordos Mongolian flavor.

Travel Tips

Address:Dalad Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Transportation:It will take you about 50 minutes by taxi to get there from Baotou Airport or Baotou East Railway Station.

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