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Sino-Russian Border Tourism Area

The Manzhouli Sino-Russian Border Tourism Area includes the National Gate Area, the Russian Doll Area and other scenic areas. As a symbolic tourist attraction of Manzhouli, the National Gate Area is on China’s side along the Sino-Russian border, 9 kilometers west of Manzhouli. Built in 2008, China’s national gate is the fifth-generation gate with the largest span on the border of China and Russia. Standing at the gate, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the border areas. There are two broad-gauge railways and one standard-gauge railway going through the national gate and stretching into Russia. A sightseeing hall and a Manzhouli history exhibition hall can be also visited in the tourist area.

The Russian Dolls Area consists of the Russian Dolls Square, the Russian Art Gallery, the Exotic Eastern European Flavor Garden, the parking lot and other relevant matching facilities. In 2007, the tourist area was rated by Shanghai China Records Headquarters as the world’s largest pictographic architectural image complex. Today, it has become a landmark of Manzhouli.

Travel Tips

Address:Chinese side of the Sino-Russian border, Manzhouli west, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Transportation:Take the No.6 bus to Border Gate stop

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