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Grape Valley

The Grape Valley scenic area is located about 10 kilometers northeast of the urban area of Turpan and is a gorge under the Flaming Mountains. In the Flaming Mountains area which has high temperatures, the valley is a clean and serene oasis that is cool and moist. The densely grown grapes in the valley are famous and make the scenic area one of the famous in Xinjiang.

Today, the Grape Valley has become a hot tourist destination in China. Afanti Paradise, the Wang Luobin Music and Art Museum, Dawaz Folk Custom Garden, Oasis Grape Manor and Ethnic Village and other areas have been built nearby. Tourists can view and taste more than one hundred varieties of grapes, enjoy Uyghur singing and dancing performances, appreciate Uyghur residences, etc.

Travel Tips

Address:Situated amid the gorge of the Flaming Mountains, 10 kilometers northeast of Turpan, Xinjiang.

Transportation:Take bus 5 in Turpan to reach the scenic area.

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