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The Kanas Scenic Area is situated on China’s border with Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia. It mainly includes eight major natural landscapes such as Hanasi National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geopark, Baihaba National Forest Park, Jiadengyu National Forest Park, Kanas River Valley, Hemu River Valley, and Hemu Steppe. It also includes three major cultural landscapes, which are the three original villages of Hemu, Baihaba, and Kanas.

The Kanas Scenic Area is an integration of natural landscapes as such glaciers, snowfields, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, steppe, and more, with altogether 55 scenic spots of all sizes in 33 varieties, which account for 58.9% of the 56 fundamental varieties in Xinjiang. Among them there are 11 high-grade scenic spots.

Travel Tips

Address:Northern area of Burqin County, Xinjiang.

Transportation:Take the scheduled bus towards the county seat of Burqin County from Nianzigou Station in Urumqi; there are three scheduled buses every day.

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