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Nalati Scenic Area, situated within Xinyuan County in Xinjiang, located in the interior of the Tian Shan and the east end of Ili River Valley which is praised as the "Jiangnan Beyond the Great Wall," enjoys the title of "Heaven in the Human Realm."

With its unique natural landscape, long-standing historical culture and a strong ethnic style, it forms characteristic frontier scenery. In the vast desert of Xinjiang, this area was named Nalati, meaning, "the first place to see the sun" in Mongolian by Chagatai, the second son of Genghis Khan. The area here is as dazzling as emerald embedded on a yellow silk. With rolling mountains and green carpets of grass, it combines the vastness of steppes and the gracefulness of streams. It boasts the delicate beauty of mountains and the imposing manner of dense pine forests. With its unique original natural view, it presents a scenery corridor amid the depth of the Tian Shan which looks like a painting scroll.

Travel Tips

Address:Within Xinyuan County, Xinjiang.

Transportation:Charter a car or take a taxi.

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