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Jokhang Temple

Located in the center of the ancient city of Lhasa, it was built by Songtsän Gampo to commemorate the Princess Bhrikuti. It is an existing building that was built in the most glorious Tubo Period, the first civil architecture in Xizang, creating a Xizang temple style. After the completion of the Jokhang Temple, it is to today's scale after repeated expansions from the Yuan and Ming to Qing dynasties.

It has a history of over 1,300 years. It has four stories, and its golden tops and brackets are the typical Han style. The towers and carved beams are Xizang style, and the 103 wood carved beasts and Sphinxes present the characteristics of Nepal and Indian styles.

Travel Tips

Address:Center of the ancient city, Chengguan District, Lhasa City, Xizang

Transportation:Take the No. 7, 8, 20, 21, 22 buses to Ce Men Lin Station, and then walk about 300m along Xiasa Su’er Lane.

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