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Tulu Valley

Tulu Valley National Forest Park is also known as "Tulu Valley" for the peculiar peaks, strange rocks, and evergreen trees. Tulu Valley combines water conservation, climate regulation and ecological balance maintenance, while also being a comprehensive tourist attraction that fuses sightseeing, tourism, scientific research, teaching, and entertainment.

The whole park can be divided into the Front Tulu Valley Forest Scenic Spot, Small Tulu Valley Forest Scenic Spot, Sancha Tourist Village, and Tulu Valley Grassland Recreation Area, with 47 scenic spots and over 20 major scenic spots that include Tuofengling, Tianchuangyan, Canglong Cave, Mile Stone, Tongtian Gate, Jingang Peak, Qixi Bridge, Denggan Stone, Liangongtai, Qingchanguan, and Shibixiezhu. It is praised as combining "the tranquility of Qingcheng Mountain, the beauty of Mount Emei, the elevations of Huashan Mountain, and the peculiarity of Jiuzhaigou Valley" for its various forms and peculiar shapes. Tourists can enter the Front Tulu Valley Forest Scenic Spot via Datonghe Bridge.

Travel Tips

Address:Liancheng Forest Area, Yongdeng County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

Transportation:There is a bus from Lanzhou West Bus Station to Tanshanling Town in Tianzhu County at 13:30 every day. After three hours, get off at the Tulu Valley Road Intersection.

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