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Sanya Nanshan Mountain

Sanya Nanshan Mountain, the southernmost mountain in China, is located 20 kilometers southwest of China’s only tropical coastal city, Sanya. Nanshan Mountain is shaped like a giant turtle, so it was known as Turtle Mountain in ancient times. The turtle is a symbol of longevity and legend has it that Avalokitesvara rode a turtle. The Nanshan Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone boasts first-class tourism service facilities, such as sightseeing vehicles, Hawaiian style tree houses, a 108-meter Avalokitesvara statue on the sea, Nanshan Temple, Nanshan Vegetarian Restaurant, single and tandem bicycles, and other leisure and vacationing elements.

The beauty and uniqueness of Nanshan Mountain is attracting more and more tourists. Here, visitors can enjoy the tropical sunshine, blue sea, sandy beaches, flowers, and lush trees, as well as experiencing the peace of mind brought by Buddhist culture and the joy of returning and being harmonious with nature.

Travel Tips

Address:Nanshan Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone, Sanya, Hainan Province

Transportation:Take bus 16, 21, 25, or 29 to the scenic area

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