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Daxiao Dongtian

Located 40km west of the city, Sanya Daxiao Dongtian was first built in A.D 1187 of the Southern Song Dynasty. It is the oldest scenic attraction in Hainan Province as well as China’s southernmost Taoist cultural tourism destination. Since ancient times, Daxiaodongtian Area has been reputed as “the best landscape in Qiongzhou Prefecture and Yazhou Prefecture for 800 years” because of its unique ocean views, beautiful mountain landscapes, peculiar rockscapes and mysterious caves.

Relying on its unique ecological resources, natural landscapes and profound historical and cultural heritage, Sanya Daxiaodongtian has developed 6 tourist zones and more than 50 scenic spots. The six tourist zones include the “Cave Paradise” zone, highlighting ancient immortal culture; the “Happy Nanshan Mountain” zone, exploring longevity-happiness culture; the “South Sea Dragon King” zone, promoting Chinese dragon culture; the “Cliff Inscription” zone, revealing the origin of ancient Yazhou culture; the “Mountain and Sea Wonders” zone with the theme of natural coastal scenery, and the Sanya Museum of Natural History showing the world of life 140 million years ago. Sanya Daxiaodongtian Area is an international tourist resort based on ancient Yazhou culture, traditional Chinese Taoist culture, and dragon culture. It integrates coastal scenery, popular science education, folk customs, and coastal vacationing.

Travel Tips

Address:In the southwest corner of Nanshan Mountain, 40 km west of Sanya

Transportation:Take (New National Express) sightseeing bus 25 or bus 29 to the “Daxiao Dongtian” bus stop

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