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Fenjiezhou Island

Fenjiezhou Island is often referred to as a beautiful deserted island floating in the South China Sea. Here, the sea water is clean and tourists can go diving, fishing, submarine sightseeing, yachting, and watch dolphin, whale, and shark performances, hold wedding ceremonies, stay at hotels, and eat at restaurants. Fenjiezhou Island is also known as “a boundary line of the soul,” “a paradise on earth,” and “a place of meditation.”

Dolphin Bay on Fenjiezhou Island is China’s first large-scale wild marine animal world under pure natural conditions where tourists can watch whales, sharks, dolphins, sea lions, turtles and various other tropical fishes.

In addition, the current largest coral museum in Hainan with a marine popular science theme is also located on this island. Exhibited in the museum are various specimens of rare marine organisms that live at the bottom of the South China Sea, ancient merchant ships that used to sail on the Maritime Silk Road, as well as chinaware, earthen jars, cannons, anchors, and other cultural relics salvaged from the seabed.

Travel Tips

Address:Niuling Exit of the Sanya East Ring Expressway, Hainan Province

Transportation:Take the train from Haikou or Sanya to Lingshui EMU Station, then take the shuttle bus at the entrance of the station to Fenjiezhou Island tourist area.

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