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Tianshan Tianchi

Tianshan Tianchi (literally: the Heaven Lake of the Tianshan Moutains) is a famous tourist destination in Xinjiang. The surface of the lake is 1,910m above sea level with its deepest part reaching 105m. Tianchi is surrounded by spruce trees while the lake surface reflects Bogda Peak, making the surrounding scenery seem like it came out of a fairytale.

The scenic area includes natural landscapes such as alpine lakes, wetland meadows, forests, gorges and other natural splendors. Other than the main lake, there are also two water areas on the east and the west. The "Eastern Small Tianchi " which is also named Black Dragon Pond is in the east and is 500 m away from Tianchi. Under the pond, there is a waterfall cascading horizontally like a rainbow reaching the ground, this is the famous "Nacre Rainbow of the Hanging Waterfall." The "Western Small Tianchi " which is also named "Jade Lady Pond" is in the west and is about 2 km away from the Tianchi. Due to its shape resembling a round moon which is surrounded by cedar trees, it looks like a still shadow and sunken jade with the bright moon shining in the sky, it has thus been given the name "Emerald Moon of the Dragon Pond."

Travel Tips

Address:Fukang, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Transportation:Take a scheduled bus to Fukang at Urumqi Northern Suburbs Passenger Station. After arriving at Fukang, take a minibus to the Tianchi scenic area.

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