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Guangxi, officially the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, sits in Southern China, facing the Beibu Gulf in the south and bordering Vietnam in the southwest. It is populated by 12 ethnic groups including the Zhuang, Han, Yao and Miao. Guangxi has a subtropical monsoon climate as the Tropic of Cancer traverses the middle of the province. This makes it a great getaway all year round.

Thanks to the karst landscape that covers the province, Guangxi boasts majestic mountains and beautiful waters, which have been recognized as "the best in the world" since ancient times. This beautiful, fertile land is comprised of 14 prefectures. The capital Nanning is the permanent host city of the Asean-China Expo, and Guilin is renowned for its peerless scenery and as a destination that global tourists dream of visiting.


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