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Taiyuan, also known as Bingzhou, or Jinyang/Longcheng in the past, is an excellent tourist city and a National Famous Historical and Cultural City.

A perfect journey to Taiyuan has many must-dos. Upon entering the capital of Shanxi Province, you can smell the sour flavor of aged vinegar. Then you can treat yourself to a bowl of Tounao (soup) while listening to melodious Jin opera. You can also explore the history of Taiyuan in the Jinci Temple and observe the amazing mountains from the Lingxiao Dual Tower. Stroll in the Longshan Grottoes, the biggest Taoist Grottoes in the world. Follow this with a look at modern Taiyuan on the bustling Yingze Street, and then feast yourself with the delicacies that this City of Noodles has to offer. Finally, head to the Fenhe River at night for the perfect end of the city tour.


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