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The province's name derives from the Zhe River, formerly known as the Qiantang River which flows past Hangzhou and whose mouth forms Hangzhou Bay. "Zhe" is usually translated as "Crooked" or "Bent" due to the shape of the river. Situated in the south of the Yangtze Delta region, Zhejiang is the birthplace of Wuyue and Jiangnan cultures and is often called the "land of fish and rice".
Zhejiang has more forest parks than any other province in China. It is home to many scenic areas, including museums about silk, tea, clothing and the official kilns of the Southern Song. There are numerous must-see places in Zhejiang, such as West Lake in Hangzhou, the ancient towns of Shaoxing, Mount Putuo the bodhimanda of Guanyin and the historic scenic town of Wuzhen. It is also the sacred home of Chinese calligraphy and painting, as it has nurtured numerous well-known calligraphers and painters throughout history such as Wang Xizhi, Chu Suiliang and Wu Changshuo.

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