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Henan, officially abbreviated to "Yu" in Chinese, is a province located in central-eastern China. It was historically known as Zhongyuan, Zhongzhou and Yuzhou, but its current name Henan, means "south of the river", because most of the province in ancient times lay south of the Yellow River.
Henan is a fascinating tourist destination, being as it is a perfect combination of ancient civilization and modern fashion, showing both the grace and refinement of the South and the simplicity and leisureliness of the North. A visit to any city in Henan is sure to show you an appealing lifestyle; fast-paced Zhengzhou, leisurely Kaifeng, charming ancient Luoyang, legendary Zhumadian, the tai-chi in Jiaozuo, are but a few of the places you can visit. In a certain sense, it is much more than a trip; it's what modern life is meant to be.

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