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Yellow River Adventure Tour


The Yellow River Stone Forest is a marvelous spectacle in the world! The Yellow River turns an S shaped bend at Longwan Village, Zhongquan Town, Jingtai County, Gansu Province. Because of Serpentine River, charming Longwan, and lofty stone forest, Yellow River Stone Forest is classified as a "National Geological Park", which towers on both sides of Yellow River. There are 10 thousand mu of water area, five thousand mu of sand dunes, two thousand mu of reeds, and thousands of mu of lotus ponds in the sand lakes of Yinchuan area. There are also various kinds of fishes and birds such as white cranes, black cranes, and swans. You can overlook a flock of birds playing at the Bird Watching Tower. At the edge of the water reed poles, there are many bird’s nests at the bottom of the reed plexus. Every spring, the colorful bird eggs spread out among them, to make a wonderful sight!

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