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Four-day Relaxation Tour in Guangxi


Guilin is a national historical and cultural city. It is world-renowned as "Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world". Guilin Scenery is the representative of Chinese scenery, and it was listed as a world natural heritage by UNESCO. It is famous all over the world over for its “green hills, clear water, fantastic caves and spectacular rocks”. The route runs through Guilin landscapes, historical sites, streets, pastoral and other scenic spots. The new version 20 yuan design featured a section of the Lijiang River. The water in the Lijiang River is clear, and both sides are mainly karst peak forest landforms. You can sail on a bamboo raft and enjoy the peculiar Elephant Trunk Hill, magical Seven Star Cave, historical Prince Jingjiang Residence, and magnificent Longji Rice Terrace. 

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