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Mythical Journey to the West


The route Luoyang—Xi’an—Dunhuang—Urumqi—Turpan covers the major cities that Xuanzang, a Buddhist monk of the Tang Dynasty, passed on his journey to India to bring back Buddhist scripture to China. At the southern end, Luoyang in Henan Province was where the monk was born and raised, while at the northern end, Xinjiang Autonomous Region was where he left the Tang Empire and entered the desert road. Along the Silk Road, legends, anecdotes and miracles concerning Xuanzang still abound. Many murals depict his journey to the west. With the increasingly improvement of transportation, modern people can relish all the beautiful scenery along the way without having to endure the trials and tribulations that Xuanzang experienced. This is what primarily makes it an itinerary that culture vultures, history buffs and fans of A Journey to the West should not miss. Around 12 days are required if you really want to enjoy an in-depth tour.

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